How not to afraid from Breast Cancer (BC).

Very simple.
Start Breast Self Exams (BSE) at 18-20 years of age.
Get a Breast Ultrasound (BUS) exam at 30. According to the findings, do this annually.
Start Mammography at age 40. Have it done yearly. If you have a 1st degree relative who was diagnosed with BC before the age of 40, start sooner.

Breast Cancer can happen to anyone. There is no inoculation or any method to stop it happening. 75% of women diagnosed with BC do not have a pre-existing risk factor.
BUT, in a women who does BSE, has yearly breast imaging done, if found to have breast cancer, the cancer will most probably be under 9-10 mm in diameter. A cancer found at this “baby” stages can and will be gotten rid of with a 98% chance. A women with a cancer found under 1.5 cm has a 94% chance to be rid of it totally. Once the cancer exceeds 2.0-2.5 cm or 3.0 cm in diameter, the chances of long term survival can drop significantly.

So again, Breast Cancer can happen to anyone. Protect yourself  from it is in your own hands.
Do BSE, have a breast ultrasound done, get a mammogram.