Zafer Aksit, M.D.

Graduated from Hacettepe Uni. Med. Faculty in Ankara/Turkiye (1974).
Trained as a Radiologist at the same Med. Fac. Hospital. Was one of the two CT radiologists in Turkiye (1979).
Was the first chairman, of the newly formed Gazi Uni. Med Faculty’s radiology dept. (1980).
Founded, erected and was medical director of the first private Wholebody CT Center in Turkiye (1982).
Was at the Neurological Institute at Queens Square / London (1985).
Was medical director of Aksit Imaging Center untill the year 2000.

Enrolled in a breast imaging fellowship program at the Carilion Breast Center (Roanoke,VA) in 2000.
Became a SBI (Society of Breast Imaging [under ACR]) Member In-Training also in the year 2000. Was accepted as a Full Member in 2003.
Came back to Turkiye and started the “Breast Group” at Yeditepe Uni. Hospital in Istanbul, in 2005. Has been doing only breast imaging at the same facility, since.